Tennis: Benot Paire is insulted by many internet users when he shows off his underpants after his defeat in Portugal

After losing once again to Korean Kwon in the first round of the Estoril tournament, Benoit Pyr once again behaved in a very inappropriate manner after the match. A few minutes later, the French published several insults to which he was a victim.

New week and new skid for Benoit Paire. Last week, the Frenchman broke his racquet after his first serve game against the same opponent in Barcelona. This Monday, Avignonais once again stood out, but not for the right reasons.

While he lost for the ninth time in a row in the first round of the tournament, his tenth consecutive loss, the pyre came under the whistle of the Portuguese spectators. His answer? The 32-year-old took off his shorts and showed off his boxers. Minutes later, Payer pulled apart a tweet that had a middle finger recorded on it, before deleting it.

many humiliations after defeat

Deeply affected by the defeat, Benot Peir then published several messages of insult and disgust that the tennis player had received after their match. In French, English or even Spanish, Internet users, often bookmakers, have multiplied their attacks on the player Benot Paire.

An unacceptable attitude that caused the French to publish many of these messages. On these we can read “Big ass**, stop tennis and go dancing” or “You’re the biggest French m**** I know”. Others, much more violent, are also appearing on Benoit Pyr’s Twitter. Despite the behavior which is not always good, these messages are unacceptable and unfortunately the daily life of high level tennis players.

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