Technologies: Here are the Best Windows Backup Tips to Avoid Losing Your Data

We all know that losing data or files can have dire consequences. Fortunately, there are ways to address this risk!

On a PC, Windows includes a dedicated tool for backing up all your data via an external device or network location. Learn how to turn on Windows Backup step by step so you never lose your files again.

How to Enable Windows Backup

To activate the Windows Backup function and back up your files (documents, photos, videos, etc.), the process is quite simple:

  • On your PC, click on Start Menu,
  • Go to Settings tab,
  • Then click on Update & Security,
  • In the menu on the left that appears, choose Backup,
  • Finally tap on Add Reader.

With regards to this last step, you have the option of choosing an external drive (hard drive, USB key, etc.), or a network location. A list of all available drives is displayed, and you also see the storage capacity of each slot.

Apart from backing up your files and securing them, Windows Backup also lets you restore previous versions of documents and files.

Note: If Microsoft provides a backup tool integrated into your PC, then in parallel, other data backup tools are accessible to everyone:

Best data backup tool: Swiss Backup, Windows Backup.

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