Taylor Swift to appear in court for stealing ‘Shake It Off’ lyrics

Singer Taylor Swift, who recently broke several records and is likely to continue breaking with the re-released version of her album ‘Red’, is due to appear in court soon. The case will tackle some of the plagiarism allegations against the pop star before it hit her shake it off,

A US judge rejected Taylor Swift’s request to drop the case, saying a jury could find her guilty of copying the song. Playas Gon’ Play Girl Group 3LW. From Since 2011. singer’s hits shake it off Much will look like this from 2014, writes the BBC. There are variations of the phrase in both songs.players will play” In “haters will only hate,

“pretty simple”

The judge had previously dismissed the case, saying the song’s lyrics were too “generic” in terms of copyright. District Judge Michael W. The 13 previously released songs cited by Fitzgerald as evidence contain similar phrases, including playa hater van the infamous big n Dreams by Fleetwood Mac.

“In the early 2000s, popular culture was substantially influenced by the concepts of” players In to dislike for sentences’playas … am going to play‘ Of ‘haters will only hate‘, standalone, ‘should not be made more creative than’runners are about to run,drummer‘, Of ‘swimmers swim‘” he wrote then.

“The concept of parties acting according to their essential nature is not creative, it is generic. In short, the texts in question… are too short, not original and not creative enough to come under the protection of the Copyright Act.”

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Taylor Swift vs Hall Ann Butler

lyricist of the so-called original song Playas Gon’ PlayHowever, Sean Hall and Nathan Butler appealed the decision, and a federal appeals court reversed their decision. This sent the case back to the same judge: Fitzgerald. Swift then asked for a summary judgment — an urgent decision that says it did not infringe copyright — but was denied by the judge on Thursday, December 9.

“While there are some noticeable differences between the functions, there are also significant similarities in word usage and order/structure,” he wrote. He said that “the court cannot determine at this point that a proper juror cannot find any significant similarity in lyrical wording, word arrangement or poetic structure between the two works.”

Swift’s experts presented “persuasive arguments,” they concluded, but that wasn’t enough to stop the case from going to trial.

shake it off,

The number Playas Gon’ Play It was a minor hit by girl group 3LW. Songwriter Sean Hall later wrote and produced songs for artists such as Justin Bieber and Maroon 5, while Nathan Butler worked with the Backstreet Boys and Luther Vandross.

Song shake it off Taylor Swift’s best-selling single of her career, reaching the top spot in the US charts and number two in the UK (where it hit the top spot). all about that bass Van Meaghan Trainor).

Lawyers for Hall and Butler commended the decision, saying the court “did the right thing”. The date for the pop singer’s upcoming trial is yet to be announced.

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Taylor Swift is said to have copied the song from below:

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