SUV shoots 2 officers in George Floyd protest in Buffalo, speeding up

BUFFALO, N.Y. – A group of law enforcement officers were deported at a demonstration in George Floyd on Monday in Buffalo, and at least two were injured.

Video posted by an audience The TV shows a series of police officers who are struggling with the rush of a man interviewed by a cameraman at 9:30, supported by an armored personnel carrier. Other officers used batons to hit the disbanded protesters.

Soon after, the sound of firearms coming out of the camera was heard, then the officers ran as an SUV passing through a cluster of running officers. At least one entered under the wheels of the vehicle.

The SUV drove around an armored vehicle and accelerated when more fire sounds were heard.

Officers were taken to Erie County Medical Center. Authorities said their situation is stable.

Erie County Representative Mark Poloncarz tweeted shortly before 23:00. The driver and passengers of the vehicle are believed to be in custody.

Buffalo Police spokesman Michael DeGeorge said that two people were gunned down during Monday’s protest. It was not immediately known whether the shots were from the police or from others. They were being treated in the same hospital.

As a police helicopter flew overhead, officers in armored vehicles then fired tear gas to disperse the crowd within a few blocks where the police were shot. Various shops in the area were broken and it was seen that people were entering and leaving the goods.

A woman on the front said to the person, “I’m afraid” on the phone.

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