Suicide daddy twin babies drives off cliff with video shows

The creepy video showed the moment when a suicide dad pulled his truck off a cliff in San Diego with his 2-year-old twin daughters inside before the three-year-olds were rescued.

The man left Sunset Cliffs on Saturday at 04:30 after threatening to threaten his wife, KNSD reported.

Dramatic surveillance footage Posted on Facebook CBS News 8 reporter Abbie Alford shows the man’s truck with his headlights as he fires from the edge and falls roughly 30 feet into the water.

The video shows the big splash that the car made upon crashing with water.

While it was not clear whether it was a police vehicle, another vehicle was very close.

However, the officers responded quickly and were able to save the father and daughters.

San Diego Police K-9 Officer Jonathan Wiese was one of the first cops to come to the scene and said KNSD He pushed down the cliff to reach the family.

Referring to the outlet they saw when he launched it, Wiese said, “He had both daughters,” referring to his father.

“He was holding them and trying to flood, but they were all sinking. One was awake, and the other was rather crying. “

The Wiese group managed to get out of the water and a nearby rock.

The father and one of his 2-year-old daughters were slightly injured. The other girl was hospitalized in critical condition, but was expected to recover.

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