Strava: We did well in 2021

With the new year comes the time to make good resolutions or take stock of the past. Strava feeds those who make sports a part of their daily routine or one of their goals, by publishing a report on the activities of the few million users of its service (at least those who haven’t dealt with their account privately).,

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The full report was made available before the end of 2021, it specifically covers the 12 months between October 2020 and last October. To date, the platform has seen a total of 95 million users of all levels and enthusiasts from various disciplines. 1.8 billion activities of these abhyasis were transmitted to the servers (+ 38% year over year).

All disciplines managed by the app have seen an increase in these download volumes, but three stand out: cross-country skiing and touring (2.5 times more in a year), yoga and outdoor walking (2 times more each).

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These two activities are among those that have been strengthened in Fitness+, with yoga classes open to more age profiles last spring and launching ahead of its “walk” ceremony with interviews to listen in on during the walking activity .

time with prince william

time with prince william

The activity of walking in Strava – whether commuting to work or sport – is the most detailed in the report. France is ranked at the level of other countries such as Germany, Spain or the United States for the proportion of downloads represented by this activity (10%). Brazil and the United Kingdom are far ahead (15 and 24%, respectively). It should come as no surprise that as we age, it is an increasingly popular form of exercise. 50+ represent the majority. For the average weekly duration of these excursions, it is 3.2 hours in France.

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Those who practice cycling and running will also get some numbers. Thus, in France and on average, men ran 9.1 km and women 7.3 km, for the respective durations of just over 50 minutes and less than 47 minutes.

For cyclists, the average distance is 32.4 km (1 hour 32 minutes) for men and 21 km (1 hour 11 minutes) for women. What compares to your own performance…

Strava measures cycling progress in French cities

Strava measures cycling progress in French cities

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