Stranger Things: Kate Bush reacts to the success of her hit with Season 4

“Stranger Things” was the track “Running Up That Hill” by Kate Bush in Season 4. The singer talked about her song’s second life thanks to the Netflix series.

success of strange things

It’s been three years since the fans of strange things Waiting for the return of the Netflix series. from May 27There are seven episodes of Season 4 available. Specifically, we find a group of teenagers in Hawkins, while Eleven has moved to California. Then they meet a terrible enemy: vena, The latter specifically tried to attack Max. very touching episode 4, But fortunately, the girl was able to rely on the use of her friends and her favorite song: running up That Hill by Kate Bush.

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Season 4 strange things Logically a hit on Netflix. In series as soon as new episodes go online broke a stage record, With over 286.79 million hours of views, it is the best debut Netflix series ever. But success was also rewarding kate bush His track has had a second life since 1985. Discovered by a new generation, the song ended up exclusively at No. 1 on iTunes.

kate bush is happy with this season 4

Although it’s rare in the media now, Kate Bush wanted to react to thank you for the success of his song strange things, It is directly on his website that the artist published a small message of thanks. she writes his love for the series And his pleasure to have his passages heard all over the world:

Surely you know that the first part of the fantastic and captivating new season of Stranger Things has recently been released on Netflix. It features the song “Running Up That Hill”, which has been given a new life for fans who love the show – I love it too! Thanks to this, Running Up the Hill is worldwide and ranked number 8 in the UK. This is really exciting! Thank you all for supporting this song. I look forward to continuing the series in July.

strange things That’s why you can count Kate Bush among your fans. The singer is also eagerly waiting for the rest of the series. The last two episodes of season 4 will be released online by Netflix July 1, For fun, and to wait, we give you the song in its original version with the video below:

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