‘Strange’ that coronavirus does not spread to China

'Strange' that coronavirus does not spread to China

On Wednesday, President Trump described it as a “strange deal” in which the coronavirus was largely part of the city of Wuhan in China, but also spread all over the world.

“I’m asking this, why Wuhan? He left Wuhan, why didn’t he go? [all of] China but went to the rest of the world. He went to Europe, went to the world, went to America, [but] He did not go to Beijing. ” Fox Radio interview.

“How did they let him enter the world, but they did not let him enter China. It went all over the world, this is a little strange deal. “

Trump also objected to a report from the World Health Organization on Tuesday indicating that China delayed publishing critical information about the coronavirus in the weeks after the outbreak was first reported.

“The plague came from China, he shouldn’t have let it happen. This is not true. In fact, today I see that there is a very large article that they are not too transparent or too light to put. They call it a stop, ”he said, and also referred to the WHO report, which was praised for the quick response of the communist country to the epidemic. More than 380,000 people died worldwideIncluding more than 105,000 in the USA.

The president also launched a first-stage trade agreement with China, but seemed to be skeptical about the future due to the epidemic and growing tensions between the two largest economies in the world.

“The trade agreement was made, but the ink was not dry before the virus passed through China and started killing everyone in the world. Not only here, but all over the world. Look at Brazil, see what’s going on, Spain, France, to all, to the whole world. ”

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“I did a lot but you know? I am currently not excited for anything related to China. They could seal it, close it. “

He also threw his predecessors into the garbage, claiming that the previous presidents were detained by the Chinese Communist Party government, who withdrew from fulfilling some provisions of the agreement.

“Before the plague, China had the worst year they had in 66 years because of me. I’m not proud of that. I am just saying that these presidents allow China to choose our pockets. ”

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