straight. Covid-19: “The fifth wave has begun”, alert Dominic Costagliola

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8:53 am. “It is quite possible that we are facing new epidemics”, explains Odile Laune.

8:48 am. “This virus will continue to spread, it will not disappear”, indicates Odile Laune. “The hospital will resist a new wave but it will be very difficult because the staff are very tired”.

8:44 am. “The masks to be reinstated in 39 new departments in France on Monday will provide additional protection for children”, declares Odile Launay, infectious disease specialist and member of the COVID-19 Vaccine Committee.

8:41 am. “We fear the fifth wave and we must mobilize to avoid it”, Explain Odile Launay, infectious disease expert and member of the COVID-19 Vaccine Committee on CNews and Europe 1. “The scale of the pandemic is still moderate”.

8:36 am. “There are some concerns about the new variant in South America”, director of research at Inserm.

8:32. “The third dose for the whole population is not an emergency”, indicates Dominic Costagliola.

8:30 am. “We focus on relaxation of barrier gestures”, declares Dominic Costagliola at France Inter.

8:24. “The fifth wave has begun”, Explain Dominic Costagliola, epidemiologist, director of research at Inserm. “The incidence rate has gone up to three weeks as we have had a drop in the number of tests and a slight increase in hospitalizations”.

8:19 am. Go out at all costs to forget about Covid-19: “It warms the heart”. The vaccinated and controlled fourth wave has blown a great wind of freedom in France since the start of the school year. Many are enjoying the little pleasures they have been deprived of for many months and once again the epidemic is in danger of spreading again. Our topic is here to be explored.

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8:12 am. Austria: Compulsory vaccination or treatment for access to restaurants and culture. Austria announced the implementation of a COVID-19 vaccination or recovery obligation to be able to access restaurants, hotels and cultural venues from Monday, while the country faces a surge in cases of contamination.

Chancellor Alexander Schalenberg says the new restrictions will take effect on Monday with a four-week transition period to encourage residents to get vaccinated.

8:05 am. Positivity rate of 2.4% in the last seven days in France. In the last 24 hours, the National Public Health Agency has recorded 8,998 new cases and a positivity rate of 2.4% in the last seven days. A week ago, that rate, which measures the proportion of cases tested, was only 1.9%. As indicated by other indicators, this correction started from October. In the week of October 25, the incidence rate was already 12% higher than in the previous week.

Another key indicator: the fertility rate, which measures the average number of secondary cases caused by an infected person, has been “above 1” even for three weeks.

7:50 am Covid-19: The sword of Damocles for Emmanuel Macron. Six months before the presidential election, the executive is closely monitoring the resumption of this pandemic. Emmanuel Macron will speak on Tuesday evening to discuss the health situation. And the government is working on new measures, specifically how to encourage the most vulnerable to get a third dose of the vaccine. our analysis.

Why is the call back at 7.45 am going so slow? According to some doctors, the vaccination booster campaign that started in September is progressing very slowly. However it is an essential tool to limit the effect of the fifth wave. decryption.

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7.40 am. Pfizer pill effective against 89% hospitalizations and deaths, says lab. It is an antiviral, easy to administer. This type of treatment complements vaccines in the fight against epidemics. Read here.

7:30 in the morning. 74.5% of French people fully vaccinated. Since the start of the vaccination campaign in France, 51,348,214 people have received at least one injection, or 76.2% of the total population, according to the latest report set up by the Directorate General of Health (DGS). 50,202,730 people now have a full immunization programme, i.e. 74.5% of the total population.

7:20 am Europe again in the red. COVID-19 contamination is now on the rise in almost all European countries. To the point that the WHO has warned of the possibility that 500,000 deaths linked to COVID-19 will be recorded on the continent by February. Why such concern? Details to read in our article.

7:10. Greetings to everyone ! Welcome to this live dedicated to the COVID-19 pandemic in France and around the world.

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