Spotify starts rating your podcasts with Podcast Ratings

Spotify gives listeners the option to rate podcasts available on the platform between 1 and 5 stars.

“As of today, we are starting to get rankings for the podcast: A star rating system that improves podcast visibility Highlighting the popularity of the show. Podcast ratings give listeners the ability to endorse their favorite podcast shows and enable a two-way feedback loop between producer and listener., ,

Spotify introduces Podcast Ratings – Credits: Spotify

the audience has Feather Introduce the possibility of rating podcast episodes later at least 30 seconds of listening, As soon as ten or more ratings have been received, Spotify will display the average score on the podcast page. The total number of ratings received by the show will also be displayed.

A feature already on Apple Podcast

This new Spotify feature just takes over what’s already on the Apple Podcasts app available on the Apple Store. We were already used to hearing broadcasters invite us to leave a note on Apple’s platform. Now, we can expect this invite to be done on both the platforms.

By introducing ratings, Spotify wants to make it easier for listeners to decide which new podcasts to visit.

The rating also gives creators an idea of ​​their performance. They can then use the feature productively by seeking more specific feedback via Q&A on Spotify as well as outside the app.

Search algorithms don’t include ratings yet

Spotify does not yet use podcast ratings for its recommendation algorithms. Still, This could be part of a bigger plan to make podcasts easier to find. Spotify acquired Podz earlier this year to try and promote the discoverability of podcasts.

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short termIt’s also a smart move by Spotify to impress podcasters, Because some will inevitably be tempted to take their listeners to the platform to rate them in order to increase their popularity.

Implementation of this feature has already started on Spotify, You can find more information and information about this on the Anchor blog.

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Source: TechCrunch

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