Space News: An asteroid the size of London Bridge is about to enter Earth orbit on Thursday

An illustration of an asteroid
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Asteroids are small, rocky objects that orbit the Sun.

An asteroid larger than London Bridge will enter Earth orbit on Thursday, September 1.

The asteroid, which is officially known as Asteroid 2014, will travel at a speed of 19,371 miles an hour on Q33 and will fly to Earth on 17 September. This is 8.66 kilometers per second!

NASA is tracking the asteroid which is predicted to be 48 m to 110 m or 157 to 360 feet wide – which means it is bigger than the London Bridge!

But there is nothing to worry about – it is 1,592,819 miles from Earth – at a safe distance across our planet.

Last week, Two more asteroids have passed the Earth in the space of two days.

London BridgeGetty Images

Imagine a huge space rock the size of this bridge – this is how big an asteroid could be 33 in 2014 Q

What is an asteroid?

Asteroids are huge space rocks orbiting the sun in our solar system

Sometimes they are called NEOs – Near Earth Objects.

Since then no asteroid has hit Earth in 66 million years Which wiped out the dinosaurs.

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Watch: How NASA plans to stop asteroids hitting Earth in the future (2017)

Over 2000 – There are plenty of asteroids that NASA constantly monitors that are classified as dangerous. However, their chances of hitting the earth are still very low.

And NASA has a plan to launch a spacecraft that could hit the planet …

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Meanwhile, just last month, NASA was surprised to see a car-sized asteroid flying past the planet – it was the closest miss with a recorded rock.

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