Soundtrack, Ceremony, Gold… Forza Horizon 5 is starting its final sprint!

Tik tok Tik tok… Days are passing by and the date of 9th November is drawing near for all the lovers of racing games. Actually, on this date forza horizon 5 Will debut on Xbox One, Xbox Series and PC players around the world. Then everyone will be able to discover for himself the charm of Mexico and its special atmosphere. But in the meantime, the tenth episode of “Let’s Go” was held live this Monday evening, revealing little by little features of future hits from Playground games for several weeks now. Here’s what to remember.

soundtrack of forza horizon 5 Unveiled!

In addition to the absolutely spectacular set in the cars and their renderings in each episode of the series Forza HorizonMusic also largely contributes to the immersion in local specialties. In fact, each episode is an opportunity to be able to run through the streets and landscapes of the area relating to good sound in the ears specially chosen for the occasion. well now We know the list of radio stations forza horizon 5, but also various groups that will be there. Obviously, the first one is anything but a surprise because overall they are the same as the previous episodes. We’ll let you find all that below, but in any case, persevering release the game so that we can immerse ourselves deeper in the crazy Mexican atmosphere.forza-horizon-5-storm-sand-race

A new display of technical mastery of playground games

Whether via our recent preview forza horizon 5, During the last “Let’s Go” our long walks to discover the game maps or the various gameplay presented by the developers, we have always been fascinated by the beauty and breathtaking realism of the sets forza horizon 5 and its meteorological phenomena. Also at this point, Mike Brown took this opportunity to give us a New look at the rendering of a race in the middle of a sand storm. If you want to see it for yourself, don’t hesitate to check out the replays available on the saga’s official YouTube and Twitch channels. Power.forza-horizon-5-collect-monster-truck

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return of meetings

If there is one type of racing that has undoubtedly marked the minds of players in every episode of the series Forza HorizonThese are meetings. Facing cargo planes, fighter jets, motocross bikes, an airboat, a train… are just a few examples that players have had to cross in the past. Is forza horizon 5 Will you do the same as your predecessors? Yes there are possibilities! Already, during our preview, the first gathering protested the Horizon Festival cargo plane in the middle of the Aztec pyramid, then faced two bikers on the streets of Guanajuato, one of them facing off to end in a duel fell. Wingsuit Well Mike Brown showed off yet another of those difficulties during tonight’s Live. And this time, the two monster trucks were opposites. The race shown is utterly insane, especially a descent down the slopes of the volcano and a pilot looking to not be sent a waltz by two mechanical mastodons. Thus, the various assemblies of forza horizon 5 Should definitely be worth a visit!

forza horizon 5 Gold is gone!

For many years, taking the game to the Gold stage has been a milestone not only for the developers, but for the gamers as well. As a reminder, this simply means that the development of the game in question is now complete. This is more true in the era of games as a service where a significant number actually present an unfinished face that sometimes struggles to catch on. so now you can sleep peacefully forza horizon 5, it will be released next month as planned!

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As a reminder, Forza Horizon 5 will be released on Xbox One, Xbox Series X | Expected for November 9th (5th for owners of the premium version or expansion pack) on S, Winddown and Steam.

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