‘Some’ names in DOJ’s Russian investigation review can be recognized

In an interview Tuesday, chief prosecutor William Barr said that “some” of the people investigated about the origins of the Russian investigation in the ongoing federal investigation would be recognizable.

Barr also Fox News’s Bret Baier the coronavirus pandemic did not slow down the investigation of US Lawyer Connecticut John Durham.

“The team is working very aggressively to move forward,” said Barr’s team, and told Baier that he believed the origins of the FBI’s investigation into the Russian intervention in the 2016 presidential elections.

Durham is investigating whether the FBI has misrepresented the FISA application to receive orders to track former Trump campaign partners.

Barr does not comment on potential criminal charges arising from the probe, but “the wheels of justice are slow to grind …”

“And they work slowly because we have the necessary process and we follow the process,” he said.

“But people shouldn’t be afraid of the fact that no action has been taken yet, which means … people will get rid of misconduct.”

It is unclear who could be prosecuted as a result of Durham’s investigation, but a series of documents published last month revealed how FBI agents conspired to keep the case open – even if there was no evidence that the Trump campaign had concealed with the Kremlin.

Former private consultant Robert Mueller and former National Intelligence Director James Clapper found no evidence of criminal coordination between Trump and the Russians in the 2016 elections.

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