‘SNL’ tomb Jay Pharoah said LA police were approaching him at gunpoint and kneeling around his neck

'SNL' tomb Jay Pharoah said LA police were approaching him at gunpoint and kneeling around his neck

In a video posted on Instagram last Friday, the former “Saturday Night Live” actor said that four officers were exercising when he came to him, saying “guns are on fire” and told him to fall down.

Pharoah, meeting the police in his surveillance video on April 26.

The 32-year-old incident noted that the footage of Ahmaud Arbery, who was followed by two men and killed in Georgia, occurred about a week before his release.

Pharoah said the officers were arrested because they complied with the definition of “a black man in gray sweatpants and a gray shirt in this area.”

“You will see that you’ve made a big mistake,” he said to the officers, if they found his name on Google. Pharoah said he was released “a minute later” and the officers apologized.

Pharoah said it was handcuffed for the first time. The 32-year-old comedian, who grew up in the suburbs and with parents trying to accommodate him, said he has not experienced first-hand racism in America until this year.

But now he calls on other black men to educate themselves on the law, so if the police stop them, “we have the knowledge and we have the power to roll over.”

Pharoah added that “it could easily be Ahmaud Arbery or George Floyd,” but it is “still here to tell my story.”

At the end of the video, Pharoah revived the moment when the officer was kneeling around his neck.

“As a country, we can no longer breathe. We are tired, sick and we are sick of it. I can’t breathe.” Said.

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LAPD says they are aware of the video and the video is under investigation.

Since the death of George Floyd and the following global protests, at least 20 US cities and municipalities have banned or banned the use of choke warehouses. These cities include Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Sacramento, San Diego, Miami, Chicago and New York.

CNN’s Stella Chan and Ray Sanchez contributed to this report.

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