Sinking of Kursk: colliding with a US submarine will cause tragedy

More than 21 years have passed since the sinking of the Russian submarine Kursk, the former commander of the Northern Fleet, Admiral Vyacheslav Popov, returned to Sputnik on the origins of the tragedy and distress signals. Sent just before the fact.
If, according to the official version, as a result of the investigation supported by the Kremlin, Kursk sank after the detonation of a torpedo, after which his body almost exploded, Admiral Popov believes that the tragedy unfolded after the confrontation with NATO. she came. Submarine. The senior army officer said that the distress signals sent just before the incident also came from the same building. The latter believed that the NATO apparatus was monitoring Kursk and came too close to it, or that contact was lost due to a maneuver by a Russian submarine.
Soldiers on the nuclear-powered cruiser Peter the Great recorded metal beats, which were analyzed in an acoustics laboratory. It established that “the beats were not made by a man, but by means of a mechanism (…) I underline that we do not have and do not have systems of this type on our submarines. This is why only a foreign submarine could have sent it,” the soldier said.
These were SOS signals, he said. Approaching the source of these sounds, they searched for clues to a stationary object, which was identified after analysis as an alien submarine. Acoustic systems later discovered Kursk, not far from this building. “I deeply believe it was a foreign submarine, which was damaged after two elements, including a collision with Kursk and the explosion of a battleship that was on board. [de ce dernier], ,
If the admiral explained that he was 90% sure about the name of this NATO submarine, he was unable to publicly reveal evidence of this. v. According to Popov, while the Northern Fleet exercises continued, some of them were in neutral waters, at least three submarines were carrying intelligence there.
Commenting later on this August 2000 edition of events, former Russian Navy chief Viktor Kravchenko said he was “tend to share” it. According to him, this automatic device capable of sending distress signals is installed on American submarines.
Interested in this matter, a Kremlin spokesman declined to comment on this version of events. “The investigation has drawn a definite conclusion, which is why we do not wish to comment on whether any hypotheses appear,” he told reporters on Monday.

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