Singer returns to his very critical comment on the contest and criminalizes it

Micah will host the 2022 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest in Italy. A few years ago, he did not mince his words to criticize the contest and its lyrics. “My*”.

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This week, nearly 180 million viewers will be eyeing the Eurovision Song Contest 2022. The show will take place in Turin after Menshkin’s victory last year. The semi-finals will take place on Tuesday 10 May and Thursday 12 May, before the grand finale on Saturday 14 May. France, which is part of the “Big 5”, has already been roped in for the big show. The group Alvan & Ahez would have to give everything in Breton with their electro rock title to reach first place. In Italy, preparations are underway for an incredible evening and the show will be presented by Italian animator Alessandro Cattelan, singer Laura Pausini and… Mika! A surprise for fans of the contest who remember the singer’s very critical comments on Eurovision.

“Who’s never said anything stupid?”

In 2015, in the show indulge On RTL, Mika confirmed that ,Most songs put to shame at Eurovision, It’s sh*t! (…) I guess it’s part of the game to make awesome songs“. The artist had always declined requests from the United Kingdom to participate in the contest as a candidate. “Who never said a stupid thing that he later regretted?”Today the singer tells our colleagues tv 7 days , “The competition has been modernized over time, Show quality has improved a lotKeeping your soul, and it is that soul that pleases me and always pleases me”.

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Mica is famous in Italy

Over the years the international singer has found her niche in all four corners of the world and especially in Italy where she has hosted many shows. So Mika has been chosen to present Eurovision. “In Italy, I was able to show my creativity, my albums, during the TV shows that I participate in, and what I’ve created, likeStesera Casa Mika. La Rae, whom I work with, knows my multicultural side… (…) Italy is one of my adopted countries. I spend a lot of time in Tuscany, it’s my haven of peace, as they say!”explained to the singer.

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