Shyam and Lucy Lucas’ surprise project with the protagonists of Battlestar Galactica

Featured in Season 12 Famish Currently airing on TF1, Lucy Lucas is already preparing a new project. The actress is preparing to answer another heroine of the TF1 series, Shy’m. Singer and actress whose real name is Tamara Marthe joined the team of outline For the 10th and final season, an interpreter of Famish To shoot a series in Cannes soon. The two women thus announced at the Canneseries festival yesterday, that they would be the heroines. Ken ConfidentialA fantasy in the vein of the cult series Yours With Roger Moore and Tony Curtis.

International co-production (USA, UK, Sweden and France), Ken Confidential Will consist of 6 episodes. Initially scheduled for 2020, but postponed due to the health crisis, filming will begin after Easter and run for 12 weeks. Another notable element, the casting will also include an international star. Lucy Lucas and Shyam Will Thus Respond to Jamie Bamber aka Lee “Apollo” Adama Battlescar Galactica. A British comedian who also went through the series brother in arms, London, Judicial Police, Expert: Miami, body of Proof, NCIS Special Investigations and fearless.


If the series is anchored in France and will be directed by a Frenchman Camille Delmarre (its screenwriter Chris Murray is British), it will be shot in English. Jamie Bamber will play a mysterious man who helps a pair of investigators solve some cases. So Shyam and Lucy Lucas will play the role of Inn Cannes policemen who cooperate on a daily basis. This narrative which will be broadcast on AMC in the United States. The French broadcast channel is yet to be announced.

Clara Kolodny

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