Senator Rick Scott accuses China of trying to sabotage the coronavirus vaccine

GOP You. Rick Scott accused China of sabotaging the development of a coronavirus vaccine.

“We must handle this vaccine. Unfortunately, we have evidence that communist China is trying to sabotage or slow us down. ” BBC’s “Andrew Marr Show”.

Scott, previously a governor of Florida, did not provide proof of the claim, but stated that he could not share all the intelligence he saw.

“He came to our intelligence community. I’m in [the Senate Armed Services Committee], there are things that I cannot discuss clearly [on]. However, there is evidence that they are trying to sabotage or slow down, ”Scott said.

He said Beijing would “not cheer up” if the US or Britain were to develop a vaccine.

The ruling Communist Party “decided to be an enemy for Americans and I think I think of democracy worldwide”.

Scott said that the vaccine is important to regain the US economy and that China will “not share” if it develops first.

President Trump criticized China’s role in the pandemic and accused the country of not publishing accurate information in a timely manner so that other countries could take action against coronavirus.

The virus was first registered in Wuhan, China in late December.

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