Seattle’s father says CHOP victim should be closed

The father of a 19-year-old man, one of two people shot and killed in the Capitol Hill Organized Protest area of ​​Seattle, said that the “autonomous” area without police should be closed.

“This doesn’t look like a protest to me anymore,” said Horace Lorenzo Anderson. Kiro7 reported. “It’s just that they took over and said we can take over whenever we want.”

Anderson’s son, also called Horace Lorenzo Anderson, was killed in the fire in early June 20, which also injured a 33-year-old man.

Father’s comments came on Monday after a feverish death of a 16-year-old child in the illegal area.

According to Kiro7, both young victims were black.

Anderson said it was time to call back the National Guard.

They had to deploy them, ‘Man, it’s time to go. “Zamanı Time to continue. And smash it. “

The protesters, who said they were calling for racial justice, captured several blocks that now surround the Seattle’s now abandoned Eastern Region, which is now called the non-leader CHOP area.

Horace Lorenzo Anderson
Horace Lorenzo AndersonDavid Ryder / Getty Images

A demonstrator claimed that the group had opened fire in the latest shots because they were shot.

“We have to defend ourselves,” a man named Colby said to Kiro7. “We need retaliation. We must exercise our right to Second Amendment. “

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