Scientists have discovered potential in remote areas of the universe in the “portals” of space

According to researchers’ theory, a spacecraft can pass through these “portals”.

Scientists have found a theoretical way to reach the far corners of the universe / Photo ESA / Hubble

Recent space exploration has identified potential “portals” for remote regions of the universe. These may be some supermassive black holes in the center of galaxies.

This was reported by with reference to the monthly notices of the scientific journal of the Royal Society.

read this alsoIn Switzerland, a city air taxi was shown with a vertical takeoff (photo)Scientists believe that black holes in very bright galaxies can serve as the gateway to such “portals” or “mole holes”. That is, according to scientists, they must exit somewhere in another part of space.

The collision of two bodies inside a mole hole, scientists suggest, will appear like an explosion in images from space. Accordingly, the active galactic nucleus, previously thought to be, may actually be the gateway to the “portal”.

According to researchers’ theory, a spacecraft can pass through these “portals”. However, they are surrounded by intense radiation, making it impossible for the crew to survive.

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