Schumer asks Trump to renew coronavirus emergency notification

Senator Chuck Schumer urged the Trump administration on Sunday to renew its coronavirus emergency notification before the end of next month, to protect New York from billions of dollars in health funds to fight the epidemic.

“If we learned something from COVID-19,” the loop saves nine in time “and the more we can do to be proactive, the New York Democrat said.

“Last winter was delay and layoff to those who called the HHS formally to declare a public health emergency, as it is related to the coronavirus. Well, with the constant needs of New York we now know, and we cannot have this kind of inactivity and uncertainty – and we shouldn’t, ”Schumer referred to Health and Human Services.

“With the start of July, the clock is running, so now we need this action,” he added.

The Senate minority leader said that $ 300 million of federal health funds were distributed to Empire State last week, which is part of the $ 2.5 billion Families First Coronavirus incentive package linked to the emergency declaration ended on July 25.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency, which lends $ 1.1 billion to the state, is also looking at the emergency declaration to decide how much more it needs to pay to New York State and New York City for related charges.

He said that if there were no public health emergency notification, they would stop running dollars out of the disaster relief fund.

“Taking into account the increases and travels we’ve seen in New York, especially in other states, Schumer said, in view of the risk of these increases occurring here, the coronavirus will never leave the forests,” Schumer said. “Expanding this declaration will position New York to both respond and continue to fight.”

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