Samsung releases latest Android security update

The Galaxy S8 and S8+ have received a new surprise update. A new version of the firmware, including the November 2021 Android security patch, appeared on smartphones in France, months after the software support promised by Samsung ended. We explain how to install it on your phone.

Samsung’s older flagships, the Galaxy S8 and S8+, were officially declared obsolete last May. Four years after they hit stores, both smartphones have actually arrived At the end of the software support promised by the South Korean brand, Therefore, the Galaxy S8 should theoretically no longer receive the update.

However, Samsung has decided to keep both the phones updated for a few more months. In July 2021, the Seoul giant rolled out an update called G95xFXXUCDUE to all units still in circulation worldwide. The firmware then offered the May 2021 Android security patch, but apparently did not provide any new functionality.

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How to install November 2021 update on Galaxy S8s?

Samsung did not stop here. South Korean manufacturer has just started deployingA new update on the Galaxy S8 in France, Titled G95xFXXUCDUK1, the update is expected to arrive in other countries in the coming days. To check if the firmware is already available on your terminal, we recommend you to follow the below procedure:

  • go to menu Adjustment
  • press about the device
  • choose now software update
  • select if available start update And your Galaxy S8. follow the instructions given by
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Not surprisingly, this firmware doesn’t even offer new features. Samsung is satisfiedAdd Android Security Patch of the month of November 2021. The patch helps protect your smartphone from the latest flaws found in Google’s operating system. We obviously recommend you to install it on your terminal as soon as possible.

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