Russia accuses US of unacceptable interference without naming

Cuban state television reported riots in several cities in the republic on Sunday, with shops destroyed. Earlier, mass protests broke out in the city of San Antonio de los Baos, 24 kilometers south of Havana. President Miguel Diaz-Canel He urged the defenders of the Cuban Revolution to take to the streets to stop provocations against the authorities.

Russia which has indicated that it is closely monitoring the situation in the country, believes outside interference is unacceptable, a Russian foreign ministry spokesman said on Monday, Maria Zakharova. « We are closely monitoring the situation in and around Cuba », she underlined. ” We consider unacceptable external interference in the internal affairs of a sovereign state and other destructive actions that would encourage destabilization of the situation on the island. », he condemned without naming a country.

The Yankees have always supported the blockade

According to the President of Cuba, The Yankees, always supporting the blockade (…) are looking for a humanitarian intervention And also encourage campaigns to spread the idea that the government cannot control the difficult epidemiological situation. however according to zakharova, Cuban officials” To take all necessary measures to restore public order in the interest of the citizens of the country within the framework of the national constitution and applicable national law. ».

“We stand with the Cuban people”

The President in a White House statement on Monday, July 12 Joe Biden « Calls upon the Cuban regime to listen to its people “and his” live call for freedom ». « We stand with the people of Cuba, and their lively calls for independence and the dramatic grip of the pandemic, and to rid them of decades of repression and economic suffering imposed by authoritarian regimes. », confirmed the democratic president.

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For his part, the Cuban president accused Washington To operate ” Policy of economic suffocation to incite social unrest On the island, the day after the historical events. A situation behind which Russia would have attached itself without naming any interference, accusing the United States of America.

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