Rush Limbaugh says Charlamagne Tha God has no white privilege

The conservative personality, Rush Limbaugh, said he was “sick” of George Floyd’s death, but he did not believe that he had white privilege in his speech to the popular national syndication radio show “Breakfast Club”.

About 30 minutes back and forth, aired on the “Rush Limbaugh Show,” explained what happened to Limbaugh, a black Minneapolis man whose death had sparked global protests, with police supervision last week. . “

“What happened to George Floyd bothered me and I wanted to reach out and tell you all about it. I want to make sure you have no doubts and I’m not the only American who feels this way – the pointlessness of it, ”Limbaugh, 69, said on Monday.

Charlamagne tha God, one of the show’s partners, asked Limbaugh how to use his privilege to fight injustice.

“RIP to George Floyd but this was not an isolated event, this is a regular event,” he said. “How will you use your privilege as a white man to combat this prejudice?”

Limbaugh said, however, that “he does not fall into the concept of white privilege.”

Rush Limbaugh and Charlamagne Tha God
Rush Limbaugh and Charlamagne Tha GodAP; Getty Images

“I think this is designed along the lines of political truth, a liberal, political structure, to confess that they are guilty of digesting and silencing people and doing what they don’t do,” he said.

“I don’t have a white privilege.”

“You think,” Charlamagne, 41, withdrew.

“Do you know what white privilege is? “It would not be a white man, a white man, to George Floyd.”

When the subject later proposed to come to the program for the second time, it came up again towards the end of the interview.

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However, Charlamagne, whose real name is Lenard Larry McKelvey, said he would only be concerned if Limbaugh agreed to make an “honest conversation” and stopped refusing concepts such as white privilege.

Limbaugh doubled, saying that white superiority and white privilege are “a fiction of today’s Democratic Party”.

“I do not deny that there are some individuals who think they are better than other people. But structurally, institutionally, white supremacy – this is a structure. ”

“We have all been mistreated. “I’ve been fired nine times in my career,” Limbaugh continued, adding “this is called life and it happens.”

The speech came about two weeks after the controversial appearance of potential Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden on the show. The former vice-president fired a racially charged fire storm when African American voters declared “not black” if they were considering voting for President Trump in November.

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