Rugby players will soon play in front of the ‘green’ stand: “Finally… (Brugges)

Bruges –

The Brugsche Rugbyclub blows out fifteen candles and celebrates it with remarkable construction plans. If everything goes according to plan, a green grandstand will be built at Gulden Kamar Sports Domain in two years’ time.

Bruges Rugby Club is flourishing. Since its inception in 2002, there has been a steady increase in the number of members. In 2017 the club has 150, a women’s team and a youth organization for young people over the age of six. The only thing missing is a full blown, private base. The club currently plays and trains at three different venues: the grounds of the Julian Selens and ‘te Zuiderwartje’ in Eisebroek and at Polweg in Sint-Kruis.

no light

This is not the ideal position for rugby players. “One site does not have field lighting and insufficient changing rooms, the other is not always available and has high rents,” says president Jens Mestdag.

“It’s also not ideal logically, because either we have to carry equipment for each training or we have to buy equipment twice.”

“But above all, diffusion prevents the creation of a real club spirit. Young players who watch the first team train or youngsters and their parents who chat in the cafeteria after training are no longer possible, “They say.

That is why the club dreams of its location. It can be found in the playing area of ​​Gulden Kamer in Sint-Kreis. In addition to two rugby pitches, there is room for a smart, green grandstand. It includes storage space, changing rooms with showers, and a cafeteria. The design comes from Ghent’s .NET Architecture.

“It is aesthetic, but also cost-effective. The excavated soil for the foundation is used to build the ramp with grandeur. And through the ramp, the building can be accessed even for wheelchair users, therefore There’s no need for a lift.”

city ​​support

Bruges Rugby Club hopes to be able to use the new infrastructure in two years’ time. The club is in talks with the city of Bruges for this. “We will largely bear the cost ourselves and we also want to organize several activities for the same. But the support from the city is certainly very welcome. “

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