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The ladies of RugbyClub 9 in Heusden-Zolder dressed themselves in stylish lingerie sets to print a brand new calendar for the new year. “Like other women, you have rugby players in all shapes and sizes,” says player Selina VanHest. “We want to send a healthy dose of ‘body positivity’ into the world with the photo series.”

Rugby players are by no means smart. Celina says, “We are used to grooming ourselves close to each other. “In a crazy mood we even dare hug each other naked. No one in our team should be ashamed of his body.”

Despite this mutual openness, posing with not too much on the body was an experience of an entirely different ability. “Initially it took some time to get used to being in front of the lens in lingerie,” admits Selina. “Suddenly I also saw the bodies of my comrades in a different way. I myself am a ‘suit player’, a position for which you are too strong and wide. In some pictures I had to pose with liner, girls and women who have to move very fast and are thin and thin. A bit of a struggle… but hey, skinny women also suffer from cellulite and blemishes. We are all beautiful in our own way.”

Women of Rugbyclub 9 in Heusden-Zolder. © Machteld Haubena


“We want to show that posing in lingerie isn’t just for models. After all, no one is too fat or too skinny to play rugby,” Ann says. “It was a great experience and we are very happy with the result. and you know what? One of our players also turned out to be pregnant. So in theory there’s an extra person in the picture.”

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The calendar costs 15 euros and is for sale at the Rugby Club in Hesden-Zolder and the proceeds go entirely to the club’s treasury. Celina continues, “Lingerie store O’Sessoir gave us lingerie sets for the occasion.”

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