RTX 3000 will be out of stock soon, Steam decks well planned for February 2022, it’s recap

The RTX 3000 stock should be enough by July 2022, the Steam deck will no longer be delayed, the Galaxy Tab S8 is running, it’s time for a Friday January 14th, 2022 recap.

It’s time for the usual recap and today, we’re having news for Friday, January 14, 2022. On the menu, graphics cards that will eventually be available, a portable game console that will be released on a scheduled date and leaked Samsung tablets. let’s go !

RTX 3000s will no longer be out of stock

Since their release in late 2020, Nvidia’s RTX 3000 graphics cards have suffered from stock shortages that have poisoned the lives of the manufacturer, but also of players who have been unable to get their hands on the coveted product. According to Nvidia, it’s all over too soon. Producer Wants to Be Optimistic and promises an end to supply problems for the second half of 2022. We just ask them to believe.

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Steam decks will no longer be delayed

The Steam Deck is Valve’s portable console. Announced in the summer of 2021, it was to be released in December the same year. But now you know the song. Stock shortage, shortage of semiconductors… This has prompted the manufacturer to shift its schedule for the release scheduled for February 2022, ie next month. In a message posted to Steam, Valve has promised that the date is now set in stone and that The first copies will be sent on the scheduled day. Of course, you must have pre-ordered it to be impressed with this announcement.

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Galaxy Tab S8 is leaking everywhere

Samsung will introduce its new line of tablets very soon: the Galaxy Tab S8. In leaked again, This allows us to see the technical specifications of the slates, which will be powered by Snapdragon 8 Gen 1. Three models are planned: the Galaxy Tab S8, the Galaxy Tab S8+ but also the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra, a massive 14.6-inch tablet!

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