Royalty, you know? – How long has Balmoral Castle been in the family of Queen Elizabeth II?

Queen Elizabeth II is currently on holiday, like every year, at her Scottish palace, Balmoral. But since when does he belong to the British royal family? Answer.

Don’t go looking for Queen Elizabeth II in London in August and September. Not even in his beloved Windsor Castle, a few kilometers from the capital. The sovereign enjoys the countryside and good Scottish air. Every year, in Scotland, in her vast area of ​​Balmoral, she spends her summer holidays, which are attended by various members of her large family.

Torrential rain in Ardveriki at the root of this purchase

Situated between the towns of Bremer and Ballet in Aberdeenshire, Balmoral Castle has been privately owned and owned by the British royal family for nearly…170 years. It was actually Queen Victoria and Prince Albert—Elizabeth’s great-great-grandfather—who bought it in 1852. A choice inspired by the Scottish rain, as we can read on the site of the British monarchy. We learn that the royal couple stayed at Ardaveriki Castle in the Highlands in 1847, and there was terrible weather. He knew that the Queen’s doctor, who was recuperating at Balmoral, was enjoying the blue skies and pleasant, dry weather there. Raja’s husband wants to know more about this ideal destination and wants to achieve it after five years of renting it. The property was passed down from generation to generation to Kings Edward VII, George V, George VI and finally Queen Elizabeth II, who especially appreciated this vast area of ​​20,000 hectares.

Queen Victoria at Balmoral, circa 1868 © W&D Downey / Hulton Archive / Getty Images

Originally, Balmoral Castle, dating from the 15th century, consisted of a square pillared tower with a wall enclosing a smaller square. A house was added in 1746. In 1830, Sir Robert Gordon, who rented the property, demolished most of the building to make a small palace. 100 yards (90 m) to its northwest, the current palace of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert was built “in the Scottish colonial style” in local granite. Its first stone was laid on September 28, 1853 and was completed in 1856. Other works enriched the property with new houses, stables, workshops, schools, a main farm, a dairy…

King Edward VII at Balmoral, 1908

King Edward VII at Balmoral, 1908 © Print Collector / Print Collector / Getty Images

If Prince Albert had contributed much to the planning of the new palace and the landscaping of Balmoral, Prince Philip added his own touch as well. In addition to looking after the management of the property, we maintain a large botanical garden adjacent to the Queen Mary’s flower garden, a flowery paved promenade and a garden with terrace on the north side of the palace. The water to its south-west designates the site of the monarchy. The Duke of Edinburgh has also started an oak plantation there along the southern edge of the cricket ground.

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