Roberto Cacciapaglia resumed touring in the United Kingdom and Russia after the concert at the Conservatory.

The piano is like a mirror, an extension of body and soul: so the maestro Roberto Cacciapaglia shares the thrill of returning live.

Deep and refined culture embodied in a sensitive and expert artistic soul, passionate and highly professional. Elegant and attentive musician, Master Roberto Cacciapaglia finally comes back Live at the Conservatory in Milan: At Sala Verdi, from 8.45 pm on Friday 5 November 2021, a special concert for solo piano will be presented which focuses on the piano and its pure sound.

The opening act of Sicilian pianist and composer Giuseppina Torre. After crossing Italy and thrilling the United States, Russia, China and Turkey with his music, composer and pianist Roberto Cacciapaglia returned to concert and let the public taste the authentic and special beauty of music. In’exclusive interview He acknowledged his enthusiasm for new concerts, revealing news on his next album and new projects.

Roberto Cacciapaglia returns to the Conservatory in Milan

An exciting concert that marks the return of the maestro Roberto Cassiapaglia to what was an important place for him, a temple of sound that saw him develop and underpin his passion for the piano. The pianist will then bring his concert in London on 9 November In the prestigious Cadogan Hall.

“For the first time I’m bringing it to Milan solo piano concerto.

I have often defined the piano as the central instrument of my work. The orchestra and electronic instruments are like the constellations, but the sun, the central and essential instrument, remains the piano. Piano has always been the instrument with which I express myself. The relationship I’ve had with this tool over the years is closely related to my quest for personal growth. In front of the piano I have the opportunity to feel myself in a vast and limitless flow, I have the opportunity to transmit and communicate what I feel, what I believe ”, underlined the teacher.

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Then he added: “An intimate and profound experience, to share with my audience. When I play, I combine the inner state of presence with the production and propagation of sound”.

music is performed live I I have always been very close to the conservatory. I am happy doing this concert. For the first time I have come to Milan with a solo piano. After experimentation and electronic experience, I return to the connection with acoustics, presenting natural sounds.

Music unites us and cannot be performed in the absence of the public: I am happy to meet them again ”, he said.

the piano it’s a mirror For the teacher, it is the expansion of his body and soul. Thus due to the fragility of his piano, by means of carefully placed notes, Cassiapaglia seeks express intimate and sincere feelings. In this regard he said: “Music and art are expressions of an inner state.” “Love that moves the sun and other stars”: this is the most important emotion that art and music can represent for us. Music is intimate, but it is the most social and selfless art There is also. The most important feeling is love. We have been feeling isolated for a very long time. We have been islands for a long time, but if we go deeper we find ourselves as an archipelago: all of us are connected. Like a giant tree with deep roots. We are only branches or leaves, but the roots and the trunk unite us. Our sun, which is within all, is eternal. The rays of music and the emotions that come with it, Know how the clouds are dispelled ”, is the poet’s observation of the Guru.

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Roberto Cacciapaglia Conservatory

Roberto Cassiapaglia returns to the Conservatory and presents his new album

At the conservatory, the artist would focus on the piano with its pure sound, performing pieces taken from his repertoire with two new compositions “Angel Falls” and “Days of Experience”.upcoming album.

Roberto Cacciapaglia was born in Milan and graduated with a degree in composition at the “Giuseppe Verdi” Conservatory in his city under the guidance of Bruno Bettinelli, where he also studied conducting and electronic music. Composer and pianist, he is one of the most innovative international music scene heroes for his music that integrates classical tradition and electronic experimentation. For a long time he has been researching the powers of sound in the direction of boundless music expressed through intense emotional interaction.

He does not hide feelings and joy for his new album, but also thoughts for the future. In fact, he revealed: “I will do important work in Africa. I return to Russia with 12 dates, but after London go to the UK as well. The festival to be held on an Italian island next summer is also very much in my heart: an extraordinary event to be held in a wonderful place. But at the moment I can’t add anything else.”

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