Resurgence of winter illnesses, evidence of a return to normal life

Alice Denzine
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7:30 am, October 01, 2021

As temperatures drop, winter illnesses are making a comeback, from colds to gastroenteritis. Evidence of a return to normal life after the pandemic, but which we must not forget the gestures of hindrance.

With the return of cold temperatures, colds, nasopharyngitis, tonsillitis, sinusitis, bronchitis and other gastroenteritis return to a gallop. Diseases that have so far disappeared from consultation rooms since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. But doctors confirm it: The resurgence of winter infections is clear.

According to Philippe Amouil, Professor of Public Health at the University of Lille, this is more or less a sign of the resumption of normal life. “It’s true that every so often, we have to do a test, even in people who have been vaccinated. But I touch on wood: all the tests I’ve done since the beginning of the week. All are negative.”

“It allows us to immunize ourselves”

Jean-Paul Hyman, general practitioner and honorary president of the French doctors’ union, has nothing to worry about. “The relatively common viral infections we see in episodes each winter are part of our daily lives,” he explains. “In fact, it allows us to immunize ourselves and it reflects the fact that we exchange a lot with our ancestors and that transmission can be done.”

However, as all health professionals say it: Watch for relaxation of barrier gestures. Because we are not immune to a new version.

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