Research: Exposam project of the University of Montpellier concluded with €46.4M

The University of Montpellier is one of fifteen winners of the first wave of Call of Excellence for projects undertaken within the framework of the Investment for the Future programme.

It is a particularly worthy Christmas gift given by the Minister of Higher Education and Research to the University of Montpellier (UM) this Tuesday, 30 November. So among the fifteen winners of the First Wave of Excellence call for projects, which have been launched as part of the Investments for the Future programme. And it is thanks to the Exposum project that it is supporting MUSE and the Occitanie region along with its partners in the i-Site project.

Simply put, it means that the state, after the evaluation of the international jury, has decided to bring 23.2 million euros to Exposum to support its operations over the next eight years,

Ambitions tailored to the needs of the region

The Occitanie region is fully committed to the design of the project, “whose ambitions are in line with the ambitions and objectives under our Green Agreement”, as emphasized on Tuesday by Nadia Plefig, vice president of the region’s higher education and research in particular. will also provide a similar amount of 23.2 million euros. That is, the envelope of 46.4 million euros in total.

Several reasons for satisfaction for President of UM Philippe Auge: “This is a recognition of UM’s position for a project that reinforces our excellence, and increases our credibility and the credibility of our partners. We have a focus on life sciences.” There is leadership and environment” he commended.

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The only project built in Occitanias

Before adding: “And it is a matter of pride to be chosen from this first wave for which 356 projects were submitted. And we are the only university in Occitanie that has been labeled.”

Nadia Plefig, for her part, congratulated, “The spirit of excellence and the collectivity of UM. That’s all we love! These projects are tailored to the needs of our region, so we must support them.” For example, the research done will make it possible to fight the tiger mosquito and the infections it causes.

“Nurture, Protect, Heal”

Since 2017, UM and its I-SITE MUSE partners have established an intensive research university addressing three challenges: nutrition, protection and care.

“At the crossroads of these challenges, the concept of exposure, the set of exposures to external and environmental factors that can affect humans, appears to be a key element in controlling some of the issues affecting the health of women and men. ” Confirm UM and Region.

Who, along with his colleagues, created the Exposum project, which has been certified by the state, to “better understand, predict, and fight these risks to human health.” The project will be led by Professor Eric Delaporte from Montpellier.

And of course the vice president of the region hopes that other projects will be “picked up in Occitanie during the next waves”.

Regional president Carol Delga also lauded the Exposum project’s nomination on Tuesday: “With this distinction, the University of Montpellier is promoting our academic excellence and its researchers in France and internationally.”

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