Relatives Want Joe Biden Off Memorial Event

September 11 is one of the saddest days in American history. Several assassins took passenger planes to the most important buildings in the country, including the Pentagon in Washington DC. and in the Twin Towers in the heart of New York.

A day that no one forgets so easily

In addition to the people on board the aircraft and buildings, many fire departments and police forces also fell victim to the consequences of this crime.

2021 will be 20 years when many people lost their loved ones. In view of this, the relatives are planning a memorial service in honor of all those who have died.

Must not be the most important person in the United States

In such a momentous event, the most powerful man in the United States certainly cannot disappear. It is now known that the organizers have written a letter to US President Joe Biden in which they will eventually remove him from the event if their demands are not met.

During the election campaign, Biden has promised family members to investigate any 9/11 cases involving secret state files. The President has still not fulfilled this promise.

no enjoyment

The patience of the affected is over now. NS Washington Post Reports that the letter was signed by people close to the victims, which, in addition to revealing state secrets, should explain the connection between Saudi Arabia and the attacks.

The letter’s authors point out that it had long been expected that President Biden would eventually bring justice to the victims and that the truth about 9/11 would be above the interests of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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denied the allegations

Even during Donald Trump’s tenure, the government had duped the bereaved and disappointed them with false promises.

A White House spokeswoman has denied the allegations against the current president. so it must be like Washington Post There are reports that several meetings have taken place between the authorities and the families of the victims in the past.

Similarly, its top priority remains to deal with incidents with satisfactory results. It remains to be seen when the parties will agree to a deal and whether President Biden will be present on the deadline.

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