Regrets of the French who resigned during Kovid-19

Vs(tele) Working conditions are too harsh, a fresh start is needed, fatigue… During the COVID-19 pandemic, many French people voluntarily quit their jobs. A decision that is often difficult to make… and that many of them regret today, reveals a study shared by huffpost, The survey, conducted by Morning Consult on behalf of Ultimate Cronos Group, was conducted between December 2021 and January 2022. 1,950 employees who resigned during the pandemic and 1,850 employers facing one or more resignations were interviewed.

In France, according to the results, 63% of employees who decided to quit their jobs now regret the decision. This is a record in Europe, with studies also conducted in Germany, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, the United States and Mexico. Only 24% of them now say they are “extremely satisfied” to resign. Moreover, only a third of them have found work.

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the manager is so angry

The Morning Consult study shows that it was managerial positions that primarily prompted the resigning Frenchman to drop everything. Here again, this is a French exception not found in the other countries surveyed. More specifically, details huffpostIt is this lack of assessment that is mainly cited by French respondents.

These regrets are also shared by employers who have seen employees reared at the center of the pandemic. Of those, 74 percent say they are willing to re-hire those who have chosen to leave. The possibility of returning – like the prodigal son – should be nuanced though. On the one hand, only one in five managers say they are ready to let go of “all” employees who have left. On the other hand, and to conclude, it is again in France that employers are at least settled to place their trust in a resigning employee once again.

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