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The Omicron variant, which is now the majority in France, is very contagious. A British scientific study now confirms it is even less dangerous, by part because This causes less severe forms.

Data from the UK confirms that the Omicron version is less dangerous than the Delta version. According to a study by the British Health Agency, the risk of developing a severe form with Omicron is three times lower than with the delta version. The length of hospital stay is short, and patients usually require less oxygen. Another reassuring element is the effectiveness of the booster dose. 88%, With three doses of the vaccine, we divide our risk of going to the hospital by ten. On the other hand, after only two doses, protection decreases. 52% after six months.

omicron Certainly less dangerous than Delta, but more permeable. However, as more people become infected, a certain number will end up in hospital, increasing the pressure on services. “When you already have high saturation levels by delta, it’s true that even the slightest small increase can have a huge impact on hospitalization and resuscitation”, description Professor Gilles pialaux, Head of the Department of Infectious Diseases at the Tenon Hospital in Paris.

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