R6 Siege Mobile for Ubisoft coming out next month?

R6 Siege Mobile for Ubisoft coming out next month?

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According to Tom Henderson, Ubisoft is about to unveil a mobile version for its Rainbow Six Siege.

After Call of Duty, League of Legends and soon Warzone, here’s a Very popular and profitable new IP that will soon run mobile cards, The Rainbow Six franchise will come in a portable version, according to insider Tom Henderson Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege Mobile and will be announced later next 6 april, The game is in development with WeGame, a subsidiary of Tencent (Riot or Epic Boss), and a trailer and press must show up in a presentation.

During the Chinese conglomerate’s final activity report, prospects for 2022 and beyond announced a clue: “Projects with Ubisoft” are planned for 2023. Another detail that started the rumor last year: Ubisoft Halifax (the branch dedicated to AAA on mobile) apparently sent out a survey to playtesters asking them if they knew the R6 Siege franchise well.

Now, Henderson wants to be clear: The presentation is set and R6 will be the next franchise to take the plunge.

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