Public employees allegedly destroyed the Black Lives Matter mark

Authorities said that in Ventura County, California, two public officials, one working with the Sheriff’s Office and the other officially employed by the district lawyer, were caught on the camera that destroyed the Landmark Topic sign.

Darrin Stone, an employee of the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office since 2005, can be seen twice in the surveillance video as she uses a knife to smash a sign placed on a fence in Bin Oaks. A thousand Acorns.

“I was disappointed that one of our employees engaged in such illegal activities,” explains Serif Bill Ayub.

Stone, 60, stabbed the sign on June 13 and June 19. Due to the incident, he was taken to administrative leave by the sheriff’s office.

In the report, Craig Anderson, an investigation assistant at the Ventura County law firm, was also caught on the camera that opposed the sign.

Anderson, 59, resigned from the district prosecutor’s office, but it was unclear exactly when it happened.

Police officer, a third suspect, 58-year-old Jeffrey Moore, was painted on the sign with spray paint on June 11, but was easily found because the company name and phone number were “clearly displayed in his car”.

Maxwell Meyers, a 19-year-old college student hanging the sign, lifted the camera if anyone tried to destroy the linoleum with the letters “BLM”.

When Stone’s image was posted on social media, a deputy sheriff immediately recognized him.

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