Protesters and vigilance faces Philadelphia neighborhood

According to the report, tensions have increased between George Floyd protesters and bat-powered vigilants in a Philadelphia neighborhood.

Dozens of white men carrying bats, hammers and shovels stood for hours with the crowd of mostly younger Fishtown residents protesting the brutality, Philadelphia Researcher reported.

“Leave us alone!” One of the protesters shouted. “We live here and they make us feel insecure!”

The men claimed they were outside to protect their neighborhoods in case of uprising or looting, and traded with protesters.

WHY radio producer Jon Ehrens wrote on Twitter that he was attacked by men while shooting them to cover up the match. Published a photo of her bloody faceHe later wrote that he was “good” with an update, but wrote on the way to the hospital.

At around 8 p.m., the police lined up on the street to separate the two groups and asked them to break up.

“Why did the others tears because they were peacefully protesting, but could they be wandered with bats?” According to the newspaper, a woman asked the police.

After SWAT arrived and the police told the protesters that they had left their third and final warning, the crowd broke up shortly after 9 am.

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