Prince Harry Was Seen With A Famous Actress…and It’s Not Meghan Markle!

While Prince Harry recently joined a California polo team, he was able to count on the support of a famous actress… who isn’t Meghan Markle!

It’s been two years since Prince Harry and Meghan Markle separated Buckingham Palace Gate To settle in North America. After living in Canada for a few months, the couple immigrated to California. And it is clear that the Duke of Sussex was quick to find his points.

Indeed, if some people say that young fathers are home sick, it is not. Between his professional pursuits and his polo matches, Prince Harry quickly adapted to life in California… where he has many fans. Yes, Meghan Markle’s husband is popular in the United States, failing to be unanimous in the United Kingdom. There is also a famous actress among his fans.

“Team Harry”

it Sunday, 22 May 2022Rebel Wilson, currently starring in the film senior year Unveiled on Netflix, the social network shared a snapshot where we can see her exclusively posing with Prince Harry. Indeed, the actress did not hesitate to support the young father during one of his polo matches.

In the caption, the actress said: team harry“…A Tackle Eight royal family , The special thing is that a lot of comments are also being made on this photo. And there are so many people who rejoiced in the face of this cliché, others, on the other hand, preferred to lend their support. for members of the royal family, There is evidence that tensions between Prince Harry and his relatives divide Internet users as well.

An amazing new project!

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have been overwhelmed with projects since they settled in California. The couple may have decided to open the doors of their luxurious mansion exclusively to the Netflix cameras, the timing of a series-running show aired on the famous video platform. Opportunity to learn more about Sussex!

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