Prince Harry: His Office Announces He Will Return To The United Kingdom!

Good news for fans of British royalty: Prince Harry’s office has announced that he will be making his grand return to England soon! really when ? However, this was not specified.

Prince Philip will be honored. A large religious ceremony will be held in his honor at Westminster Abbey on 29 March. Members of the British royal family and the supreme representative of the country and Commonwealth are expected to gather there to commemorate the late husband of Queen Elizabeth II. something to give hope to our British neighbors To see Prince Harry again at his native land very soon, Exiled to California with his wife Meghan Markle, he hasn’t set foot across Chanel since the opening of a statue of Diana with his brother at Kensington Palace.

But at the risk of disappointing fans of British royalty, a Sussex spokesperson has already announced that Prince Harry will not return to Britain on this occasion, reason ? He is in dispute with the British Government.

Prince Harry’s office announces his upcoming return

By abdicating his royal duties, Prince Harry has really drawn a line Its security service at the expense of the taxpayer, Because of his direct connection to the throne, only he would have asked to have security guards for him and his family upon arrival in the United Kingdom. Even though they specified that they would pay the costs, their request has not been successful so far. that’s why he refuses to move For a ceremony organized in honor of his late grandfather.

On the other hand, as revealed by royalty expert Chris Ship, his cabinet nonetheless specified that he planned to make his big return to the United Kingdom soon”.go to the queen as soon as possible“. really when ? “His office did not specify when this would happen., added the journalist. Nevertheless, the certainty of seeing him in England soon is already a great relief to many of his British fans.

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