President Ramaphosa on target of kidnapping and corruption complaints

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The complaint comes from a former intelligence chief who accuses the president of obstructing justice after discovering a large sum of money in one of his assets. The head of state immediately dismissed these allegations, but the case turned into a scandal.

In his complaint, former intelligence chief Arthur Fraser accused President Ramaphosa of kidnapping and kidnapping thieves and then buying his silence.

The matter is of February 2020. During a burglary in a field, thieves have the equivalent of 38 million euros in cash. except that the property belongs to the head of state.

Cyril Ramaphosa immediately dismissed these allegations but admitted that his property was in fact stolen, and that the proceeds from the sale of the game were stolen, without specifying the amount.

Settlement of accounts cannot be ruled out. The former intelligence chief is seen as an aide to former President Jacob Zuma, Cyril Ramaphosa’s main rival. The head of penitentiary services, Arthur Fraser, also released Jacob Zuma a year earlier for medical reasons.

The case still rages on when the ruling party will soon have to decide whether to keep Ramaphosa as the 2024 presidential candidate.

Was there any attempt at corruption? And what was the head of state doing with the huge amount of cash? The case challenges and frustrates South Africa. Ramaphosa made the fight against corruption one of his priorities after Jacob Zuma resigned due to several scandals.

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