President: Hidalgo wants to move out of “hospital-business” approach

PS presidential candidate Anne Hidalgo on Tuesday proposed moving away from the “hospital-business” approach, which, according to her, refers to “money based on accounting indicators” that are not in line with health needs.

“I want to move out of this hospital-business approach, which has been going on for many, many years, in which funding is based on accounting elements, not health needs,” she said at a conference. Press after a visit to Bichat’s Hospital in Paris.

The hospital, whose staff is grappling with the Covid-19 crisis that has led to a wave of hospitalizations, is one of the major themes of the presidential election.

“We are not going to measure hospital efficiency in relation to cost control on diseases such as cancer,” argued the mayor of Paris, preferring to rely on the ability of hospitals to treat and save patients. Patient “.

The socialist claimant, according to the polls, is credited with 3 to 5% of the voting intentions, thus “desiring to opt out of ondam (the national objective of health insurance expenditure), “this set of budgetary criteria” and ” replace with. health needs criteria”.

If she is elected president of the republic, Anne Hidalgo promised an annual debate at the National Assembly in March on “hospital structures, the training of doctors, nurses, midwives, women and nursing assistants” as well as regional needs. “Work” to better meet the specific demands of different hospitals.

The Socialist candidate recalled his proposal to abolish the marks clause, indicating that if the presidential majority had declared the end of the system that limited the number of students, it would continue “since the Faculties of Medicine”. has not been increased to be able to train the 15,000 doctors that France needs every year”.

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Beyond “mass recruitment of personnel” and a major reorientation already advanced in public and private, Anne Hidalgo wants to create a “good place for containment” at the company where she seeks to “reimpose sanitation committees and work safety.” “In school” status through “Health education through diet and physical activity”.

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