President Donald Trump celebrates his 74th birthday

President Donald Trump celebrates his 74th birthday

“45” is 74.

President Trump celebrated his 74th birthday on Sunday – best wishes from his children, the Republican Party, the White House, members of the management and Twitter users.

“Happy birthday @realDonaldTrump! I love you!” tweeted Ivanka Trump, the president’s daughter and the White House consultant.

“Happy birthday, President @realDonaldTrump! I am proud to serve under your strong leadership and wish that your strength and strength will continue as you continue to lead this great nation. ” Mike Pompeo added.

Errol Webber, a GOP congress candidate in California, also reached this topic.

“America is better to see you as @POTUS, @realDonaldTrump! #HappyBirthdayTrump, ”Webber, approved by the President, Wrote.

“#HappyBirthayTrump” ranked second in trending items with around 100,000 tweets on Sunday afternoon. Trend24, a tracking site.

“Happy Birthday Mr. President, who could you handle the Dem / media attack on the USA? We have never been in such talented hands. Thank you for your service. ” Philip Schuyler.

The fans also congratulated.

On Saturday, a fleet of boats in Michigan set out for Detroit to celebrate the president’s birthday and garnered good wishes along the way.

Rosanne Ponkowski, president of Michigan’s Trump Republicans, said the boats marked the president’s birthday and Flag Day.

“There are several fleets that support the President in Florida, and it’s a branch of them,” Ponkowski said. Detroit News. “Sunday was the President’s birthday, and we thought it was a great way to wish him a Happy New Year and a great way for Michiganders to celebrate the end of our crash.”

Boats in Tampa Bay, Florida have a similar water parade planned for Sunday, According to Fox 13.

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Spending a lot of time at the golf facility in New Jersey on Sunday, the president also acknowledged Flag Day and the U.S. Army turned 245.

“When we honor our beautiful flag today and throughout this week, let’s never forget the enormous sacrifices made by patriots from generation to generation to ensure that red, white and blue continue to fly high and free,” he said. said in a statement Released by the White House Sunday.

That too retweed A message from the army: “Today, we answer 245 years of call for courage, commitment, skill and service. We are the Army of America. #ArmyBday #ServeWithHonor. “

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