President 2022: Candidates facing climate change

President 2022: Candidates facing climate change

collective ofdeal of the century made of green Peace, Foundation of Nature and Man, Oxfam France and Notre Affairs tous, Organizes a debate which will be held this Sunday, March 13th, 2022 at 4 PM on the channel Twitch by Jean Massiet. He will lead the discussion with ecology journalist Paloma Moritz explosion.

open debate for all

The debate is not insignificant, it takes place in a media context where ecology and environmental protection account for only 2.7% of the political debate, as estimated by the Collective. A few days after the release of the final report of IPCCThe question of the climate future of the world and France is more important than ever. Presidential election candidates can take advantage of this moment to describe their programs in this regard. ,The program will be presented live as a great oral, where candidates will have 25 to 30 minutes to reveal in detail their ecological program and their ambitions for the 2022 presidential elections. The idea is to be able to propose a simple and complete approach to all and not just to insiders. The attendance of most of the candidates is on track and that is good news for the debate.Explains Paloma Moritz Science and the future.

,Candidates will primarily be subjected to questions about the state’s double-blind condemnation for climate inaction and its solutions. Their answers, statistics and dates will be verified live on social networks by partner media such as Bonpot or Vert. The stream will be open and free for anyone wishing to re-telecast the debate on another platform. Paloma Moritz says.

After the lookup walk, the debate will take place on Saturday 12 March. To challenge presidential candidates on the climate emergency, for climate and social justice.

double condemnation of the state

The state’s first condemnation for climate inaction was by the country’s highest administrative court, the State Council, demanding that the government repair its negligence in the fight against climate change before March 31, 2022. The second sentence, initiated by the case of the century before the court, obliges the government to honor its promises and take all necessary measures to repair its damages before December 31, 2022. So the issues are many and the challenge is unprecedented in the history of humanity but it is not too late to take it up yet.

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