Premier League players vs Manchester City. Arsenal and Aston Villa etc. He kneels and stands out between Sheffield United

The headline action on the day the Premier League returned after a 100-day absence was supposed to be Manchester City’s blockbuster match against Arsenal, containing some of the best players in world football.

But the most memorable moment of action in both games – Aston Villa and Sheffield United were literally tumbling in the early hours of the day – before a ball was hit in rage.

While the officials of the refereeing and the coaching staff of the staff of the four teams in Wednesday’s matches were kneeling, all the players were wearing shirts replacing the words “Black Lives Matter” with their names. The death of George Floyd.

On Tuesday, the City and British star Raheem Sterling He contributed to a short video explaining that they were “tired” with other big football stars about how black people were treated and represented.
“Love, tribute to choreography,” CNN tweeted Darren LewisAccording to when Villa and United players kneel.

“All players, including Chief Judge Michael Oliver, kneel in memory of the Black Lives Matter as soon as the eyes of the world are in play after the start. Bright.”

Players of Aston Villa and Sheffield United are kneeling to support the Black Lives Matter movement before the Premier League matches.

One minute of silence came to the memory of those who died due to the coronavirus pandemic, before both games played without admiration.

“The best league on the return of the” world shows the soft power of England Sport, “said Oliver Dowden, British Culture Secretary early Wednesday.

“The Premier League will return and the world will watch,” Dowden added. “This is highly symbolic. A support for our football-loving nation. We need fans to play their roles and watch from home. To maintain the home advantage, support from home.”

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang takes the index to support the Black Lives Matter movement before the Premier League match between Manchester City and Arsenal at Etihad Stadium.

‘Important occlusion’

The game between Villa and United ended without goals, yet it gave one of the more surreal moments of the 2019/2020 season – truly in the history of the Premier League.

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United’s Oliver Norwood hits the penalty area, but Villa keeper Oerjan Haaskjold Nyland comes back and traversed the ball holding the ball largely due to his teammate Keinan Davis poking him.

However, the referee Michael Oliver’s clock did not buzz and did not indicate that the whole ball was crossing the line – which showed that the next TV replays were clearly happening.

According to Hawk-Eye Innovations, the developer of the goal line technology system, Oliver did not receive a signal on his watch due to “significant” congestion.

“The seven cameras in the stands around the castle have been significantly closed by the goalkeeper, the defender and the goalkeeper.” He said in the description of Hawk-Eye Innovations.

“This level of occlusion has never been seen in over 9000 matches of the Hawk-Eye Goal Line Technology system.”

The weather was harsh in Manchester on Wednesday.

In addition to kneeling at Etihad Stadium in Manchester, Arsenal striker Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang also raised his fists because Gabon respected the international land protest and liberation symbol.

In particular, Olympic medal winners John Carlos and Tommie Smith raised their fists on the podium at the 1968 Olympic Games in Mexico City during the US national anthem.

The gesture has been accepted many times since then, and many have raised their fists during Black Lives Matter protests after Floyd’s death.

Raheem Sterling congratulates his team after scoring their first goal against Arsenal.

Thanks to targets from Sterling, Kevin de Bruyne and Phil Foden, the technology did not prevent a more interesting game at the Etihad Stadium, as the second row City appeared 3-0 winners against the backdrop of a Manchester showers. .

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Arsenal defender David Luiz, who replaced the first half, made a mistake in two of these goals, and Brazil’s ravaged evening was brought to an early conclusion after being admitted with a red card for accepting the penalty leading to the home team’s second. .

Foden’s goal came to a halt, with Eric Garcia added 11 minutes after having to stretch after a terrible fight with his teammate Emerson.

The victory means that City is 22 points behind leader Liverpool and is on the verge of winning Reds’ first Premier League title. Liverpool recently won a top tier in the former first episode 30 years ago.

So two games are over, 90 are left. Before Liverpool hit the field at the Merseyside derby in Everton on Sunday, two teams connected by provocative, pugnacious manager Jose Mourinho – Tottenham Hotspur and Manchester United will face on Friday.

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