Precious meteorites discovered along the road in Britain

“The dream came true.” In this way, researchers today are commenting on the discovery they had just made in rural Britain. Remains of a rare meteorite that may contain important information about the formation of our solar system.

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They caused the disappearance of dinosaurs and their craters stared at the Earth’s surface. Every day, the planet is bombarded by hundreds of meteorites.

On February 28, at approximately 10:55 pm Paris time, A. Fireball crossed the sky From Britain – and Northern France. It was filmed exclusively by K cameras UK Meteor Observation Network. Researchers found a way out before appealing to residents of the North Cheltenham area to find its remains.

They were first located – in the form of piles of dust and pebbles – on the side of a causeway in the village of Wincombe. Researchers then searched the surrounding countryside to select several smaller pieces.

If scientists are so interested in these remains, it is because Meteorite The one who left them was calling them Primitive meteorites. a Chondrite Carbonated. A rare meteorite. There are only 51 of the 65,000 found on Earth so far. And they are among the most virgins of all, affecting the mark of our formation Solar System.

Precious elements

Some of its pieces appear completely black and without lines. Others are dark brown with irregular, light spots. In short, the original meteorite appears to be complex. Maybe from a small star Collided with many more asteroids. Sometimes tickle asteroids don’t need to go – as recently as the Hayabusa 2 missions did and Osiris-Rex – To collect some samples. Nature brings them almost to us on a plate.

Researchers will now study these remains in detail and as soon as possible. The fact that they picked them up early Meteorite In fact they should help in getting valuable information done by volatile elements. And its organic compounds that are protected as much as possible Pollution By the earth.

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