Pre – Trailer: Netflix Survival Thriller in the German Underground

Where people are not fighting for their existence: in the Arctic, the Canadian wilderness, the open sea or stranded on secluded islands.

Obviously, Germany has until now been a destination for tourists who rarely survive. No wonder: the distance between most cities and villages is only a few kilometers and almost everywhere you come across well-developed road networks and individual homes.

The risk of getting lost and losing your life here is almost negligible. And yet five friends from the new Netflix nightmare make it Preyto convert into a To bring about a delicate, potentially fatal situation!

Netflix ensures high tension out of Germany

Prey – It sounds like the latest survival thriller from the United States or Great Britain, but it’s purely German, produced for the streaming service Netflix and also has plenty of high-profile productions with local stars like David Krauss.Readerhandjob Fellow), Maria Ehrich (bloodyhandjob Adlon. a family saga), Robert Finster (tribes of europa) and Hanno Koffler (the red baronhandjob work without author)

The plot also sounds suspiciously familiar: hikers who are targeted by an invisible sniper while scouring the forest and who fear for their lives?

Friends fall into the trap. © Netflix

Even Scandinavian Netflix Originals red dot recently drew attention to itself with a very similar starting position – and is now being transferred almost seamlessly from the frosty north into Saxon Switzerland. Here Roman is currently preparing for his upcoming bachelorette party. Plan? A hike with his best friends, including his older brother Albert, who works at a successful startup.

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But as soon as you open the statue is broken with shots that are aimed not at wild animals, but at them. Now there’s only one thing left to do: take your feet! And slowly Roman realizes that he may have his own brother behind everything…

Thomas Sieben’s last film, Sweaty kidnapping stella, became a successful, internationally competitive thriller cinema. Now, with the support of Netflix and Senator Film Productions, the next move will be on September 10th!

© Netflix

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