Police chief apologizes for requesting brutally charged police officers

According to the rapporteurs, the Florida department head of the Florida Brotherhood apologized for encouraging the police involved in violence in Buffalo and Atlanta to join the local ranks.

Robert Gamin, who chaired the Brevard division, shared the deleted controversial message on the organization’s Facebook page over the weekend, Orlando Sentinel reported.

“Hey Buffalo 57 and Atlanta 6 … we are hiring in Florida … there are no low taxes, immortal leadership, or dumb mayors at press conferences,” he said. Law and order in Florida… go to your favorite place. “

The mission came after two colleagues of 57 police officers in Buffalo resigned from their units after the suspension of a 75-year-old protester was suspended.

In Atlanta, six officers were charged with allegedly using excessive force while arresting two black university students while leaving a protest.

Gamin later issued an apology for the message. FOX35 reported.

“I made an article this weekend on social media that had a bad taste and did not reflect the feeling I was trying to convey,” Gamin said to the news outlet.

“I humbly apologize to everyone for this. I would like to apologize to all men and women who report that they work every day in the law enforcement agencies throughout the country and manage themselves like real professionals. “

The Brother Police Order is considered the largest organization in the country of sworn law enforcement officers, representing about 300,000 members.

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