Pokémon Scarlett and Violet: information expected soon

An event will soon air, as the host channel claims, information about the recently announced new Pokémon titles.

a demonstration pokedoko A Japanese channel has recently announced the upcoming broadcast of an upcoming live show focused on the next Switch Ops reveal: Pokemon Violet and Scarlett. She says new information will be released during the presentation.

However, according to consumer Twitter Pocketmonsters.net, It’s been years since any proprietary information was disseminated this way. Of course, the probability is not zero. However, as the same person points out, it would be more credible to expect that the elements in question would appear in the days prior to the airing of this one. April 24, So, it could be that on this date, it will be just a repeat.

TV Tokyo’s synopsis for Pokédoko 4, which will air on April 24, 2022, indicates “The latest information on Pokémon games!” There will be a section. New game information may be announced this week before it airs on the show.

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