Playstation 5: This final and (really) long-awaited feature may soon see the light of day!

Once custom isn’t there, we’re not going to explain to you how to get a PS5! It must be admitted that it is always very difficult to order, but especially to receive it. It will be remembered for its “absence” since its console release. This doesn’t stop Japanese giant Sony from introducing new features on the console. At least those already lucky enough to have it will benefit from the reforms. They are already over 15 million in the world to be able to use it. A new feature that will delight fans of the brand and curators of old games: Backwards compatibility is the order of the day!

PS5. complain about

When it was released on November 19, 2020, some players criticized Sony for its lack of investment in backwards compatibility. Players really noted the console’s impressive work of performance, design, and technological advancements, But blamed the PS5 for incompatibilities with older cult games available on their older consoles. And, seeing customers complain about the lack of backward compatibility on the social network, they may have filed a patent in this direction.

What games can be compatible with PS5?

The lack of backwards compatibility is, according to the published tweets, Sony’s biggest mistake with regards to the PS5. And that will clearly be a recurring problem in the Japanese multinational. The problem doesn’t exist in Microsoft, which has mastered this essential aspect for a few years now. Currently, only a few PS4 games are playable on PS5, such as Afro Samurai 2 Revenge of Kuma Volume One, TT Isle of Man – Ride on the Edge 2, Just Deal with It or We Sing. This list is not exhaustive and is therefore subject to change. But PS5 is absolutely incompatible with PS1, PS2 or PS3 games, forcing players to purchase the version intended for the new console. It is said that a software version will be developed to address this lack of backwards compatibility.

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What is a patent filed?

under name ” Backward compatibility through the use of spoof clock and fine grain frequency control “Will hide a patent that will announce the PS5’s backward compatibility with older games. At the moment, nothing has been formalized on the part of the Japanese firm. But, if they want to compete with Microsoft on this specific point, they have to. A solution has to be found.On the other hand, “Project Spartacus” will announce a total overhaul of the PlayStation Plus and Playstation Now systems.

And if not, where to find the PS5?

A little reminder for those desperate to see the console in their living room… during winter sales, some merchant sites are replenished. We can’t guarantee PS5 availability, but it doesn’t hurt to check. You never know, whether by some misunderstanding or stroke of fate, you can enjoy the extraordinary graphics of the new Sony console while waiting for backward compatibility finally announced!

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