Photography and Science, from Toulouse to the Pyrenees

The sixth edition of Residence 1+2 will take place in Toulouse from 30 October to 28 November. It is made up of a confirmed artist, Grégoire Alloy, and two young photographers.

Toulouse photographer Philippe Guiionie is the founder of Residence 1+2. He arranged the meeting and held the residence (two months in total immersion) of Grégoire Alloy, Mayriam Karim and Laure Vinants. Another singularity of this photography festival: Science plays a major role. “The science is not photography, explains Philippe Guioni, but the science, which is on the same level as photography: we are working with scientists from CNRS, Cité de l’Espace, Pic du Midi … for this edition, our The pass created the conditions for a dialogue for an ecosystem between two to four scientists who didn’t know each other to talk about the Pyrenees. Will question, question its visible and invisible traces, we will trace glaciology…”

“Main Trio”

Of this “major trio”, Grégoire Alloy is the most famous: born in 1971, he works as a documentary photographer all over the world, and especially in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Last June, he received the Prix Niepce Jeans d’Image, which stands for Goncourt Literature for Photography. On his side, we will discover the work of Mayreem Karim, whose photography is nurtured by poetry, its source in Montpellier’s passion for dance born in 1991. His work will make mountains look on the face: how are they (d) formed? How old are the rocks? How to Participate in Landscape and Experience Cartography? Lastly, Laure Vinants, who lives and works in Brussels, will expand the questions of her photographic projects around a topic on climate science, beginning a reflection on the ways in which we interact with our environment, natural phenomena and our aesthetics. related to concepts. Several roundtables and conferences will launch this Residence 1+2 throughout the week: after Bellegarde and L’Isdat, at the Ombres Blanche (28th), the 29th at the Chapelle des Cordeliers for the opening and finally the 30th at the Museum. . Like every year, a film (directed by Margaux Chattoux) and a box set of three books will be published on the occasion of the festival.

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“Residence 1 + 2”, photography exhibition, from 30 October to 28 November at the Chapelle des Cordeliers (13, rue des Lois), Toulouse, Wednesday to Saturday from 2 pm to 7 pm. . full program on
Thursday 28 October at Ombres Blanche Bookstore (3, rue Mirepoix), Toulouse at 8 p.m.: Meeting around the book “Rhizome” (Philgranes) with Grégoire Eloy, Myriam Karim, Laure Vinants and Philippe Guoni. Meeting presented by Dominique Roux (critic and historian of photography).

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